Dan's Family

Dan's mom was born as Charlene Elam.  She was the middle of three with Ric being the oldest and Bevill the youngest.  Ric and Bevill.  Ric is married to Debbie and they have Richard.  Bevill is married to Katrina and they have Chris and Brandon.

OK.  Here they are:

Grandmama  Head.jpg (29252 bytes)

Arlene Searcey (Grandmama to all of us).  She's the family patriarch.  She's also pretty opinionated and has gotten our names wrong for years.   We still love her.


bevill.jpg (21180 bytes)

Bevill Searcey is in the foreground with Ric hiding in the back.  Bevill works with many local theater groups in eastern North Carolina.


Katrina.jpg (15621 bytes)

Katrina Searcey is the one who really runs things down in Greenville.


Ric&Debbie Wedding.jpg (26699 bytes)

Here are Ric and Debbie getting married.  That is Ma and Charlene on the left and Thomas Elam on the right.  Ric & Debbie live in Tampa.


Brandon & Richard.jpg (29143 bytes)

Brandon and Richard Searcey are two of my cousins.  Brandon just finished his degree at Eastern Carolina.  Richard just got married to Becky!


Chris.JPG (19835 bytes)

Chris Searcey is my other cousin.  She's the smart one in the family and recently moved to Richmond where she works just two blocks from our house!