Joel Elam

Born in 1736 in VA. died in Mecklenburg co., VA on 6 Sep 1798. Religion: Baptist.


Father:    John Elam

Mother:    Martha Dudley

Brothers and sisters unclear

Spouse:    Phebe Hill (daughter of William Hill and Phebe Branch), m. 1758 in St. James, Mecklenburg Co, VA.  Born in 1738 in Lunenburg Co, VA.  Died before 1790.

Son:    Alexander, 1762 - 1799

Son:    James Branch, 1764 - 1804

Daughter:    Martha "Patty", ~1765 -< 1810

Son:    Peter, 1767 - 1842

Son:    Edward, 1769 - 1830)

Daughter:    Sabra (Labia Salery), ~1770-1835

Son:    Daniel, ~1772 - ~1792

Daughter:    Frances "Frankey", 1775 -> 1835

  2 i. Alexander (1762-1799)
  3 ii. James Branch (1764-1804)
  4 iii. Martha "Patty" (~1765-<1810)
  5 iv. Peter (1767-1842)
  6 v. Edward (1769-1830)
  7 vi. Sabra (Labia Salery) (~1770-1835)
  8 vii. Phebe (1771-1829)
  9 viii. Daniel (~1772-~1792)
  10 ix. Frances "Frankey" (1775->1835)

Spouse:    Mary Ann Easter, February 3, 1790 in Charlotte Co, VA (born about 1742)

Daughter:    Polly

Son:    James Easter, ~1791 - unknown

From Gary L. Corlew: He fought in the French and Indian War (1754-1763) in the Virginia Militia. Joel also rendered patriotic (as distinguished from military) service during the Revolutionary War. In 1777 Joel and his son Alexander signed a petition directed to the Virginia House of Delegates which urged the expulsion from the state of all British natives who were not loyal to the Revolutionary cause. In May 1780 the Virginia General Assembly passed an Act authorizing the purchase, and if necessary, the involuntary seizure of goods from the citizenry for the purpose of supplying the state militia, the Continental troops and its allies with needed provisions in the war against England. Pursuant to this Act, the following property of Joel Elam was taken:

7 1/2 bushells of wheat
325 pounds of beef
20 pounds of bacon

Joel was a charter member of Meherrin Baptist Church in 1771. (The church ceased to exist in 1844.) He owned land on the Middle Bluestone creek in Lunenburg county, Virginia. This land became part of Mecklenburg county when it was formed in 1765. Joel owned a slave named Jerry.